Monday, November 26, 2007

General Format Considerations

Let me take a moment before I go to bed to make some statements about the general formatting of Now, we can't have this be an absolute free-for-all, because I believe that would hinder discussion.

What we need on the contrary is a reasonable forum for discussing these issues. So then how do we do this? How could we do this? What might work well is a kind of round robin arrangement but I am not sure how that would play out. I think that we will be just fine. More posts soon!


Anonymous said...

i love the bar covering david brooks' face, you really never know what this eloquent mastermind might say next, on another note, i'm reading "skin types" by miami dr. leslie baumman and brooks skin looks fabulous, do you think he uses a night cream? let's get some talkie talkie going!

Benjamin Hoffstraugh said...

The box over the face is an accident. I really would like to move it. Does anyone know how? And, please if you are going to be disrespectful and dismissive, go and find another blog!

Anonymous said...

I am the number one david brooks scholar in the west, look me up. No disrespect.

lizp said...

"When rap first came to France, American rappers dominated the scene, but now the suburban immigrant neighborhoods have produced their own stars in their own language. French rap lyrics today are like the American gangsta lyrics of about five or 10 years ago, when it was more common to fantasize about cop killings and gang rape."

David Brooks is teaching the History of Music class in the spring at UC Berkeley, sign up while you can xoxo

Benjamin Hoffstraugh said...

Well lizp I appreciate the quote. And yes, very funny with the UC Berkeley joke. Brooks actually is very knowledgable about music and he probablly could teach a class at Berkeley on music. But I imagine that the students would all be fruitcakes! Just Kidding.

And, does anyone know how to move the pinkish bar from in front of Brooks' face on the opening page?

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